Zac Hanson Calls Fan 'Drunk Bitch' During Concert (VIDEO)

Sep 06, 2013 | Updated Sep 06, 2013

Hanson hasn't really been around long enough for the phrase "this isn't your father's Hanson," but the three brothers are certainly not the same fresh-faced kids of the "Mmmbop" days. Case in point: this video of Zac Hanson calling a fan a "drunk bitch" for interrupting a Virginia concert. The unruly concertgoer was apparently interrupting the band's performance of "Lulabelle" and yelling sexually explicit come-ons at the group.

The footage has surfaced in the wake of Calvin Harris taking to the microphone to call an irate attendee of one of his DJ sets a "dumb f--king bitch," which means it's a) a bad time to be a female heckler at a male performer's show and b) men should probably stop calling women "bitches" from the stage.

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