17 Parents Who Will SCHOOL Back-To-School Season

Sep 05, 2013 | Updated Jul 14, 2016

1. The mom who tackles morning chaos with illustrated diagrams.


2. The dad who makes a perfect ponytail ... with a vacuum.

3. The mom who keeps her kids casual, but classy.

4. The dad who gave his adorably nervous daughter a first day pep talk.

5. The mom who knows exactly what a first day photo should look like...

to you kids going back to school tomorrow. this is how your parents feel

6. And the mom who knows how to make a first day video. (Because this video says it all.)

7. The dad who cares so little about being highly embarrassing that he went to the bus stop, wearing a different costume everyday, for a year.

dale price

8. The insanely talented parents who turn boring sandwich bags and napkins into works of art.

david laferriere sandwich art


nina levy


lunch bag art


superhero lunch cartoons

12. The parents who focus on packing incredible treats inside those lunch bags.

lunchbox awesome

lunchbox awesome two


flower pops

14. The mom who built a desk that just might keep siblings from fighting.


15. The parent whose kid turned in this homework.

16. The dad who made this train bed has bedtime on lock.

17. But at the end of a school day, there is one dad who wins it all -- the guy who wrote this.


Seriously kids...