Is This The 'Most Expensive Fast Food Burger'?

Aug 15, 2013 | Updated Aug 16, 2013

A typical burger at Jack in the Box could set you back about 4 bucks -- $6.69, tops, if you spring for the bacon ultimate cheeseburger combo, which comes with fries and a drink.

Meet Beau Chevassus, the man claiming to have created "the world's single most expensive fast food burger," which set him back a whopping $38.23 at the fast food joint.

How did he do it? Simply by adding 20 patties, 5 orders of bacon, onion rings and various toppings from other sandwiches he "really likes" -- all of which landed on top of a sourdough bun.

We've been unable to independently confirm that this thing is the "most expensive fast food burger." We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: We spoke with Jack in the Box and they confirmed the incident indeed happened at one of their restaurants. When asked they eatery would be adding Chevassus’s order to the permanent menu, Jack in the Box spokesperson Brian Luscomb said, “probably not.”

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