'Compton Cricket Club' Video Shows Origins, Benefits Of Inner City Cricket

Jul 24, 2013 | Updated Jul 24, 2013

"I went out there and swung the bat, hit the ball the first time, and when I made contact there was a feeling that came through that bat, that I kind of got hooked on," says Mustafa Khan, one of the original players on the 1995 Los Angeles Krickets team, which would soon give birth to the Compton Cricket Club.

Also known as the "Homies and the Popz," the Compton Cricket Club originated at Dome Village, a homeless community in downtown Los Angeles from 1993-2006.

Khan had the idea to start another cricket team in the inner-city L.A. neighborhood of Compton, where kids were "killing each other over their shoelaces," as the club's co-founder, Katy Haber, puts it.

The excellent video above, produced by Grantland's Joe Braswell, shows how the Compton Cricket Club has given inner-city Los Angeles men an alternative to a life of gangs, violence and prison.


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