Patriotism Gone Horribly Wrong (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Jul 03, 2013 | Updated Jul 03, 2013

Unfortunately, we can't all be this guy.


And as much as we'd like to imagine we're this:

Source: Giphy

There's a whole other level of patriotism gone wrong, as this kid demonstrates.

But probably the worst way to be patriotic is to support the country that used to own us...
american flag britain
Source: Imgur

...Or the one that currently does.
made in china
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At least you're not this guy:

Or these soldiers, who have no idea who is on U.S. currency.

How did this become a thing??
flag dumpster
Source: JD Jansen

Some people don't understand what "Made in America" means:
american car
Source: Failblog

And some people are just assholes about it.
jesus car
Source: Failblog

But despite everything, a simple truth remains:
America, Fuck yeah
Source: Flickr user Shaebay

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