Rape at Homecoming: High Schoolers React

Nov 05, 2009 | Updated May 25, 2011

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By: Denise Tejada

On October 24th a 15-year-old student from Richmond High School in Richmond, California was gang raped, brutally beaten, and robbed after a homecoming dance. According to Richmond police the victim was attacked by as many as 10 people while a dozen others watched. After a number of arrests police have a seventh suspect, a 21-year-old man, into custody. Four teenagers have been charged in connection with the gang rape, all face life in prison if convicted on all counts.

We spoke to some of the students at Richmond High School and they said security at the school has increased since the attack. The school has installed lights in the location where the incident took place. In the video below a small sample of students share their thoughts about how and why the assault came to pass, and how the school and their parents have reacted in the aftermath.

On Tuesday Richmond High School held a public vigil marking the school's solidarity. According to police, more than a dozen of people watched for almost two-and a half hours as multiple people raped the girl. The victim has been released from the hospital.

The crowd at Tuesday's vigil consisted of students, faculty members, community members and city leaders. Classmates of the victim showed their support through singing, poetry, dancing, and making t-shits that read "Stop the violence."

At the vigil, an advocate from the Community Violence Solutions read the victim's first public statement since the incident. The statement reads as follows:

"Violence is always a wrong choice. We realize people are angry about this, but let the anger cause change; change that is necessary to keep our children, our neighbors and our friends safe. We thank everyone for their love, support and ongoing prayers."

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