8 Homes With Boathouses That Would Be Nice Enough To Live In (PHOTOS)

Jun 18, 2013

It's pretty hard not to daydream about water sports in this (almost) summer heat. So, our newfound admiration for homes with boathouses should come as no surprise.

Whether they're used to store yachts or sailboats or just the best spot to soak up that sun, these dwellings totally up the ante for summer fun. That's why we've rounded up eight boathouses that will make you want to learn how to charter an ocean voyage.

It looks just like a little cottage!boathouseCredit: Realtor.com

This has romance written all over it. boathouseCredit: Realtor.com

When nature calls...boathouseCredit: Realtor.com

Talk about a serene setting. boathouseCredit: Realtor.com

It's even decorated with flowers!boathouseCredit: Realtor.com

It's small, but will totally do the trick. boathouseCredit: Realtor.com

Life's not fair. boathouseCredit: Realtor.com

You know what goes nice with a boathouse? A beach home.

Beach Homes

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