A Closer Look at the PS 110 Owls

Mar 18, 2010 | Updated May 25, 2011

A few weeks ago, I wrote about PS 110, an elementary school located just south of the Williamsburg Bridge...

Owl 02

...whose roof is lined with a number of really great stone owls (a parliament of owls, to use the correct phrasing!).

Owl 05

I notice theowls every time I cross the Williamsburg Bridge, and I mentioned in thepost that I'd love to take a look at them up close. As it happens, theprincipal of the school saw my post and generously invited me to visitthe roof. I took a ton of pictures - the following are my favorites.For anyone who's ever wondered about the PS 110 owls...Enjoy!

Owl 001

Owl 007

Owl 003

Owl 005

Owl 008

Owl 006

Owl 002

Owl 009

Owl 004

PS 110 alsohas some great views of the Williamsburg Bridge, and for any productionor shoot interested, I'm sure the principal would consider proposals.

Owl 011

Finally, looking back at the three usual vantage points I have of the owls (driving, biking, subway):

Owl 012