Miguel's Jump Kick Fail At Billboard Music Awards Results In Singer Landing On Fan's Neck (VIDEO)

May 19, 2013 | Updated May 20, 2013

The Billboard Music Awards isn't always the jazziest award show of the year, but Sunday's program featured at least one standout moment. R&B crooner Miguel jump kicked from one part of the stage to another during his performance of "Adorn," falling more than a bit short and landing on an audience member's head and/or neck.

No, seriously. Watch:

Miguel adressed the incident on Twitter, noting that he "got caught up in the moment."

Billboard writer Erika Ramirez assured viewers that the audience member was OK:

So there you have it, the R&B version of the WWE:

miguel billboard music awards

Other highlights included Justin Bieber being booed for trying to tell the crowd that he is a real artist, Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lapdance and Prince absolutely killing it. The Purple One was anointed an Icon by Billboard.

2013 Billboard Music Awards

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