Remember Who You Are: An Interview With Rev. Cynthia James

Mar 18, 2010 | Updated Nov 17, 2011

How different would your life be if you knew how magnificent you truly are and understood how to harness the infinite possibility of life itself? Too often we get caught up in the drama of everyday life and forget our unlimited potential.

If you remember the movie, The Lion King, Mufasa told Simba, "Remember who you are". To me, they may be the four best words ever spoken in any movie. Even though deep in our hearts we know we are infinite, we often forget this and believe that we are our problems. We play small and believe in limitations.

For many of us, our default mode is to dive head first into the muck and drama and perceive that to be the real, true essence of life. Instead, I've found that when we remember who we are and tap into our greater purpose, life unfolds in a beautiful way.

Just today I received a telephone call from a friend who cried and told me she was at her wit's end with life. From the outside it looks like her life is perfect. She has the ideal husband, a beautiful home, new car and is leaving for an exotic vacation next month. She is financially secure and doesn't have to work. What could possibly be wrong with all this? However, she felt angry and unfulfilled, like a boat drifting without a destination.

Life without passion, purpose or a connection to something bigger than us can be painful, no matter how good our life may look to others. We know this, yet sometimes we get caught up in life and forget. We start to play the part of the pawn instead of the chess master, the actor instead of the play write. Perhaps it's because it's easier to play small than deal with the enormity of the unlimited beings we truly are. While exhilarating, knowing that you really do have the power to do, be or create anything in your life can also be daunting and a bit overwhelming at times.

Today's Inspirational Luminary, Rev. Cynthia James, has shared her beliefs to help keep us on track.

I believe every person and organization has a unique destiny, vision and purpose. We are all here because our presence on the planet is essential at this extraordinary time in history.

I believe that opening to a vision creates a synergy that is powerful and dynamic. There is a vibrant mission that is calling us all to higher ground and to more deeply loving and profound experiences.

I believe that each person and organization has a unique capacity to be of service to the community and world at large. Our only job is to uncover our core power, gifts and talents and activate a willingness to serve in expansive ways.

Regardless of the reason of why we hide from our magnificence, we do have a choice. Not happy with where you are in life? Make choices that empower and support your dreams. Choose to be the screenwriter and not the actor. Realize that we create what we get through our thoughts, and change your thoughts right now to match the reality you want to show up in your life. It doesn't matter that we sometimes forget our magnificence. What matters most, is how quickly we remember who we really are.

As Rev. Cynthia says,

I believe there are no obstacles to our greatness. There has never been an event that defines our future. We have never experienced anything that can stop us from soaring into a greater yet to be. The only limitations are created in our thinking. There are exciting experiences awaiting us, the moment we look at life through the lens of infinite possibilities.

I believe that the powerful choices create powerful lives. Every moment is an opportunity to choose life, love, peace, harmony and joy. Every moment is a call to awaken to our inherent nature. Every moment offers the chance to step through a portal of magnificent living. Now is the time! Stand up! Find your voice! Step up and live out loud!

Knowing the choice is ours, the only question then becomes, "What are we waiting for?" We have the power to do, be or create anything. Our potential is unlimited.

If the magnitude of life gets overwhelming, take a moment, close your eyes, breathe and reconnect with the greater part of you. Remember who you are. Remember the importance of your purpose for being here. Find a way to be of service to others. Realize there are no obstacles to your greatness.

Just practicing this simple act of remembering who you are will quickly propel you forward into the life of your dreams. It can be that easy, if you just take the time to connect and remember how magnificent you truly are.

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