04/23/2013 09:46 am ET | Updated Apr 23, 2013

Rachel Castillo, Florida Woman, Returns $36,000 Found On Miami Beach Golf Course (VIDEO)

MIAMI BEACH, FL -- After a week of the bomb squad investigating suspicious packages all over the city, there's finally some good news involving an abandoned bag.

Rachel Castillo, who serves drinks at the Miami Beach Golf Club, told WSVN 7 that on January 20, golfers alerted her to a left bag, which she said contained a year of her salary in cash, $36,000.

Castillo contacted police who said there was identification inside the bag belonging to a 76-year-old man whom they believe is suffering from declining mental health. Watch the video above.

Castillo cited her Christian faith in her decision to return the money. "If you do what's right, if you live the right way, you'll be taken care of."

South Floridians are not particularly known for looking out for each other -- just consider the rash of deadly hit-and-runs in which drivers leave victims dying on the side of the road.

But Castillo is not the only altruistic person in town.

In January, a Fort Lauderdale airport cleaner not only returned an iPad stuffed with $13,000 cash, he also donated the reward money to a homeless woman.


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