Alexis Bledel And Zachary Levi Talk 'Remember Sunday' And Kickstarter

Apr 21, 2013 | Updated Apr 22, 2013
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What's it like to fall in love with someone over and over again every single day? Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi can tell you -- it's the premise of their new Hallmark movie "Remember Sunday."

The film tells the story of Gus (Levi), a man who lost his short-term memory in an accident and finds himself repeatedly falling in love with Molly (Bledel).

"There's a lot of heart in it, which I would hope you would find in a Hallmark movie. That's what they're about ... appealing to people and where they are in life, and those kinds of themes that are very common -- not common as in boring, but common as in we all share them," Levi told The Huffington Post. "And while we don't all share short-term memory loss, we do all share love, relationships and struggling through issues that may be unique."

The "Gilmore Girls" alum and "Chuck" alum took a few minutes to talk to HuffPost TV via phone about "Remember Sunday" and, of course, whether either of their earlier hit series could ever become a movie, a la "Veronica Mars."

"Remember Sunday" has a "50 First Dates" quality to it. What about that theme was appealing for you in choosing to do this movie?
Alexis Bledel: When I read the script I felt like the characters were really well drawn out. They're really great counterparts for each other, and I really cared about what happened to each of them. So that was the draw for me.
Zachary Levi: For me, playing someone with short-term memory loss was an interesting challenge. I loved the idea of falling in love with someone over and over again and what that's like.

I know there's been fan chatter about a "Gilmore Girls" and a "Chuck" movie ever since the "Veronica Mars" success with Kickstarter. Alexis, would you be interested in a "Glimore Girls" movie?
Bledel: I don't know. It feels like such a long time ago to me now, and I love the way they wrapped up the series. I loved our last episode, so I don't know. I haven't heard about them making one recently.

What about you, Zachary? Is a "Chuck" movie going to happen?
Levi: I believe that entertainment is just in this incredible place. I think we're kind of entering into a new chapter of artists, consumers, development, distribution and marketing. Technology has literally just turned on its head, and I want to take advantage of that to create a more direct line from the artist to the consumer and foster those relationships and make great content for people. If I can start with a "Chuck" movie -- because I think that would be a really funny thing to do -- that would be great.

Have you actually talked to the co-creators about it?
Levi: We have a meeting on the books. We're gonna try to get that done ASAP.

"Remember Sunday" airs on Sun., April 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark.

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