Best Threesome Movie Scenes

Mar 26, 2013

Steamy sex scenes are nothing new to the silver screen, but when you take the number of participants from two to three, things can get interesting.

From a whacky businessman with two prostitutes in "American Psycho" to a trio of lovesick undergrads in "Threesome," a range of characters have taken a walk on the sexual wild side many viewers can't forget. Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco and Ashley Benson are the most recent stars to cause a stir with their threesome in "Spring Breakers," a scene Hudgens says they were all extremely anxious about.

Which trios put aside their inhibitions to take on a three-way scene? Click through the slideshow below for the 10 of the most memorable movie threesomes.

10 Movie Threesome Scenes

"Spring Breakers"

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