Cheetos Mix-Ups: Frito-Lay Debuts Cheezy Salsa, Xtra Cheezy Bag Mixes

Mar 04, 2013

Cheetos are "one of the most marvelously constructed foods on the planet, in terms of pure pleasure," argued food scientist Steven Witherly in a recent New York Times article on addictive junk food. It's hard to disagree with Witherly -- despite the frightening neon orange color of Cheetos, they remain one of the most delicious artificial cheese snacks out there.

Frito-Lay, Cheetos' parent company, has released two new Cheetos products: Cheezy Salsa Mix and Xtra Cheezy Mix. Each bag contains four different flavors of Cheetos. The idea behind the move, according to Frito-Lay, was to combine all the different forms of Cheetos in one place. Now, Cheetos fans no longer have to choose between puffed or crunch, hot or mellow.

Here's a closer look:


Take a look at the slideshow below for a closer look at all the flavors:

Cheetos Mix-Ups

The two bags will be available in stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.49 (8.75 ounces) and $1.49 (3.75 ounces) respectively.

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