10 Romantic Castle Hotels In Europe (PHOTOS)

Feb 13, 2013 | Updated Apr 15, 2013

While not all of us may be able to afford a trip to Europe, who doesn't dream of indulging that childhood dream of living like royalty for a few days in a centuries-old castle? Just in time for Valentine's Day, brings you a collection of the most romantic castles across Europe that offer extraordinary accommodations equipped with everything you need to live out that romantic fairytale fantasy.

Visiting a castle is a delight itself, but staying in one adds a dimension of history and grandeur to a European vacation that one is unlikely to forget. Think green sprawling parks, stone archways, vaulted ceilings, regal four-post beds and sunning views crafted (truly) for kings. From the Devonshire English countryside to an eighth-century Spanish fortress to the Italian Adriatic coast, these 10 highly rated castles scattered across the European continent promise to offer more than just a comfortable stay.

Romantic Castle Hotels