Kathleen Kearney, Theo Epstein Stalker, Wanders Out Of Home Confinement And Into School

Jan 25, 2013

Chicago Cubs President Theo Epstein received a troubling call on Jan. 10 when Cook County officials rang to tell him the woman accused of stalking him last year had gone MIA.

Despite her court order to wear a GPS ankle monitor, Kathleen Kearney was able to slip free from her family's home in the Boston area earlier in January. Officials received an alert shortly after 5 a.m. that the 45-year-old accused stalker's monitoring device hadn't been charged and was no longer emitting a signal. Last officials knew: she was on a northbound train in Boston.

Holy Name Principal Lynne Workman sent an email to parents detailing the incident, in which Kearney allegedly asked for medical attention before wandering away. EMT's responded to the scene and took her to a Boston hospital and no kids were hurt.

The Canton, Mass. native's disappearing act was enough, however, for a Cook County judge overseeing her case to issue a warrant for her arrest; the Tribune says prosecutors want to extradite Kearney to Chicago after she's released from treatment in a mental health facility.

In July of last year, Kearney was arrested and charged with two counts of felony stalking. The Sun-Times reported in July Kearney flew to Chicago, rented a Ford Mustang and Google Map searched Epstein's Lakeview home. Kearney reportedly was able to get past the gate, introduced herself to Epstein's wife, Marie, and proceeded to offer birthday presents she had brought for the couple's infant son. Kearney later returned when she spotted Epstein walking home.

Kearney was photographed appearing at her July 2012 court date sporting a Boston Red Sox shirt, according to Deadspin. Epstein, the former General Manager of the Red Sox, had previously filed a restraining order against Kearney when he was still living in Boston.

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