Chocolate Creepy Crawlers By Chris Verraes Of Cake For Breakfast Give Us The Willies (PHOTOS)

Dec 12, 2012

As if we needed to tell you, gross-out desserts are all the rage these days. Chris Verraes, the force behind London-based chocolate and cake shop Cake for Breakfast clearly has his finger on the pulse of this trend -- just look at these amazing chocolate renderings of creepy crawlers.

By the looks of Verraes' website he's done work with Miss Cakehead, who should be very familiar to HuffPost Food readers.

Would you chow down on a chocolate leech? What about a chocolate toad? Just looking at them makes us a bit queasy.

Click through the below gallery to see more gross chocolates.

Chocolate Creepy Crawlies

[h/t Neatorama]

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