'Nationalize The Twinkie Industry' Petition Seeks To Save Nation's 'Sweet, Creamy Center'

Nov 16, 2012

As Hostess Brands fans mourn the potential liquidation of the Twinkie (and Hostess workers face layoffs), others are taking action.

A bizarre brand of petition has been filed with the White House seeking to turn President Obama into the Hugo Chavez of Twinkies.

The petition, titled "Nationalize the Twinkie industry," seeks to turn back the clock on Hostess Brands' going out of business and liquidation.

Hostess Brands manufactures the iconic Twinkie in addition to other famous snack cakes, such as Ding Dongs and Sno Balls. The company has faced a series financial struggles and labor disputes.

But Daniel B. of Kansas City, Mo., aims to be Twinkies' knight in shining (digital) armor. He started the petition, which as of this writing has 600 signatures.

He writes: "We the undersigned, hereby request Barack Obama to immediately Nationalize the Twinkie industry and prevent our nation from losing her sweet creamy center."

The petition needs at least 25,000 signatures by Dec. 16 if it has any chance of earning a response from the White House.

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