I Lost Weight: Joseph D. Airdo Revamped His Eating Habits And Lost 285 Pounds

Nov 26, 2012

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Name: Joseph D. Airdo
Height: 5'8"
Age: 60
Before Weight: 460 pounds

How I Gained It: I started to gain weight in the early 80s by eating anything and everything.

I was a 60 in the waist, a 7-XL in the shirt and very lazy. I was driving a Cadillac DeVille and had to have the driver's seat moved back at an automotive shop. When I went by other people's houses, I was always breaking chairs and furniture. It was very embarrassing. I was falling asleep at red lights.

Breaking Point: I was at a friend's house, and I broke the toilet right off the wall while I was using it. I was never so embarrassed in my life. All the people there were close friends and family, but I got in my car and left, totally humiliated. I knew that I would die if I did not change.

How I Lost It: I lost almost 300 pounds in 15 months. I am into extremely healthy eating and I get on the scale every morning. I very seldom eat fried foods, cheese or sweets anymore. I practically live on fruits and veggies, although on the weekends I do eat some chicken or turkey. Once in a blue moon I may have some red meat or pork. I eat a lot of apples, figs and popcorn made in an air popper. But we do need to have a little treat sometimes, in moderation, so if I splurge a little today, I'm back to my normal routine tomorrow. My eating style is not for everyone; you have to find what fits into your lifestyle and what you like and prepare it in a healthy way. I ride a bicycle and am very active.

People are desperate for that magic bullet or pill, but there isn't any. People ask all the time about how I did it and how I eat now. I feel that it is harder to keep the weight off than it was to lose it. But they don't want to hear what I have to say about keeping it off. I am looked at and perceived by others in a completely different light since I have lost the weight. I get respect now instead of ridicule and laughter.

I have no health problems now except my knees being screwed up from all the years of being overweight. I now feel like I am 21 again. I am a 32 waist and a medium in a shirt. I feel like I am living a dream. God gave me the chance to be slim again and I will never go back.

After Weight: I now stay at 175 to 185 pounds2012-11-14-josephairdo.jpgThe Huffington Post publishes photographs as they are submitted to us by our readers.

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