What Are You Working on? Part 3

Jun 10, 2009 | Updated Nov 17, 2011

How many of you are looking for the work to stop? Do you want to just breathe and erase all your problems? Are you ready to learn a tool that will shift seeing working on yourself as a chore? The work will keep showing up in the many forms of discord, challenges and such and the finger always will point back at us to see where we can grow and become better. A wise teacher said to me once that as long as you are in the body problems will arise as this is an answer to your prayers and the way you will grow into the best you can be.

Now that we dove into the past a bit we are going to connect to the now and then move forward to use the tools to really shift and see the work more from the view of an artist. Take a breathe and just allow yourself to take in this moment and know you are not alone and are doing the best you can. When I studied art history in university and learned of Michelangelo's David and how the artist worked on this massive piece of marble until the statue revealed itself to him it left an imprint on my heart that never left. We can all see ourselves as the master artist and each day we step into the studio and do a little work one day or a lot on another day. Then you can claim what it is that is coming up and embrace it for what it is and create a relationship using it, almost like a muse finding the inspiration to create. Watch your other areas of your life grow as you focus on your "problems".

I personally have found that there are many opportunities that show up again and again to show us how far we come and also help build the muscles that are required for what ever stage we are at. Now you can become exhausted from doing, doing and doing and then you might even do too much. There is time for integration and celebration for how far you have come. This made a huge shift for me and allowed me to slow down and also put fun back into my life and I have seen this in my clients as well when they do this it works. One note is when you are doing this kind of self exploration you may find that with some exercises you don't immediately see results, or they don't resonate with you as it takes time to tap into yourself and honor your process.

Now, get a clean piece of paper and at the top put your challenge. Then write how it looks like to you and pay attention as you lay the cards out to learn more about yourself and watch how you will find the hidden lesson. Let go of it being right and then whatever comes up follow that all the way to see what you are working on.

I also invite you to re-read part 1 and part 2 of this series and take each of the action steps, list them in a book and find what works for you to uncover the lessons that are embedded in your challenges. And when you are asked what you are working on you will know clear as day the hidden message as you will be able to taste it as you discern your answer.

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