Older Actresses Over 50 Are Hitting The Big Screen This Fall

Oct 05, 2012 | Updated Oct 05, 2012
Getty Images

Susan Sarandon just may be the hardest working post 50 actress out there these days. She appeared alongside Richard Gere in "Arbitrage," played a librarian in "Robot & Frank" and rounds out the star-filled casts of "The Big Wedding" and the film adaption of "Cloud Atlas" later this month. (As if all of that weren't enough, Sarandon has also lent her voice to Dishonored, a video game.)

But in a tide we hope signals more movie execs recognizing the depth and cache of casting older actresses, Sarandon's not the only one. On October 4 Allison Janney (52) and 53-year-old Catherine Keener's new indie comedy "The Oranges" comes out in theaters. And Sigourney Weaver (62), fresh from her USA miniseries "Political Animals," has a role in Amy Heckerling's first feature film in years.

Check out our slideshow to see what else is in store for actresses over 50 (with the exception of one, 49-year-old Helen Hunt... but we're just that excited for her new movie!).