2012 Summer Olympics: Michigan Olympic Greats

Aug 01, 2012

From the earliest days of the modern Olympics, Michigan athletes have been breaking records. And they've made an impact.


Shot putter Ralph Rose, for example, who won golds in the 1904, 1908 and 1912 Olympics, established the American tradition of not dipping the U.S. flag to foreign leaders during the Olympic ceremonies. In a supposed nod to his Irish roots, he refused to do so for the King of England while carrying "Old Glory" at the 1908 Olympics. More recently, Livonia native Sheila Taormina became the only woman ever to compete in three different sports (swimming, triathlon and modern pentathlon) at three separate games.

Through the years Michigan has born (and raised) champions in sports as diverse as ice skating, boxing, hurdles and beach volleyball. Scroll through the photos below to see a few of the athletes who have made the Great Lakes State so great when it comes to Olympic competition.

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Michigan Olympic Greats

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