Sadie Rapp, Teen Muralist, Stuns Town With Her Creations (VIDEO)

Jul 03, 2012

Since she was in the eighth grade, 15-year-old Sadie Rapp from North Carolina has been looking for a way to use what she loves most -- art -- to give back to her community. This year, Sadie got involved with the Painted Walls Project, an effort to restore and preserve the downtown murals of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“I’ve always kind of been interested in murals,” she told the Carrboro Citizen. “The process is really interesting to me.”

This spring, Sadie created a mural with 35 brightly colored, cartoon-like dogs surrounding a cat, painted on the side of a healthcare facility. Patrons can "adopt" the dogs for $25 each, which will be donated to the Chapel Hill Preservation Society.

“They were looking for something with a lot of like organic shapes and very flowy with a lot of like purples and blues,” she said to Chapelboro.com. “So I kind of went like that and made it look almost watery with the flow of all the shapes and things.”

Check out the video above for a time-lapse of Sadie's project, and see the finished mural in the photos below!