White Ribbon Alliance Video Blogs from the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in Kampala: Day 1 (VIDEO)

Apr 01, 2012 | Updated Jun 01, 2012

Nearly 650 Members of Parliament from over 120 countries are attending the 126th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly from March 31 - April 5, in Kampala, Uganda. This year's theme is Parliaments and People: Bridging the Gap -- and the health of women and children is high on the agenda.

White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) is reporting direct from the Assembly following the progress of the IPU resolution 'Access to Health as a Basic Right: The Role of Parliaments in Addressing Key Challenges to Securing the Health of Women and Children'.

From our 'Citizens' News' studio we will be gathering statements of support from parliamentarians, interviewing key figures and raising the voices of citizens, linking our daily updates to national and global media.

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