Lexus Launching Web Series Starring Lisa Kudrow

Oct 24, 2008 | Updated May 25, 2011

Lexus is making an ambitious foray into online entertainment with former "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow in the driver's seat.

The carmaker is launching an Internet-only branded channel Tuesday stocked with a full slate of original programming headlined by Kudrow in a shortform comedy series in which she plays a nutty shrink.

The choice of the Emmy-winning Kudrow for the lead role in "Web Therapy" should bring attention to what Lexus is calling L Studio, available at

But the creation of a marketer-branded broadband channel also is bound to get attention given its only precedent: Bud.TV, a similar venture Budweiser kicked off after the Super Bowl in 2006 only to watch it fail after a reported $30 million investment.

"We learned from some of the mistakes that they made in the beginning," said Sandy Blanchard, owner experience manager at Lexus' marketing division, who oversees L Studio.

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